About Us

Environmental Survey Consulting (ESC), a certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise in operation since 1984, provides land management services, emphasizing native habitat restoration.

Four ecological regions converge in central Texas, resulting in a spectacular and intricate landscape. ESC strives to restore and preserve this diverse landscape. We help bring its beauty to more people through ecological restoration, green infrastructure, land management, native landscaping and education.

ESC applies restoration principles to all aspects of our work. Our work is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient, reducing impact and degradation of the environment.

ESC has been, and continues to be, actively involved with The Society for Ecological Restoration since it was founded in 1987.

Judy Walther, President & Co-owner
Judy enjoys designing gardens and creating interpretive materials that enhance public projects. She has conducted many workshops, seminars and speeches on butterfly and pollinator gardens, native plants and invasive species, as well as written articles on a variety of restoration topics. Judy has a Masters in Science Education with a focus on botany and is a Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner.  She has experience in wetland delineation.  Judy was a charter member of the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) and is a current member in both SER and Texas SER.

David Mahler, Senior Ecologist & Co-owner
In addition to designing native plant gardens, David Mahler is a master at creating artistic, naturalistic water features. His background in biology enables him to understand the nuances of replicating complex, bio-diverse habitats. Over the years, David has given many speeches and has written articles and papers on habitat restoration and native plant issues.  David was a charter member of the Society for Ecological Restoration and served on the first Board of Directors.  He is a current member of both SER and Texas SER and is a Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner.

Stan Wilson, General Manager
Stan has been working with ESC since 2001. He is passionate about water quality issues and the intersection of nature with the urban environment. Stan specializes in complex wetland restoration projects, smaller and more urban landscape design/install projects, and trail systems for greenways. Although an informal student of urban planning, landscape architecture, and ecology, his education in Marketing and Business Administration allows him to address projects in a practical manner beneficial to all stakeholders. Stan handles many business development and operational issues associated with running a small business. He is entrepreneurial at heart and never shies away from a good round of “shop talk.” Stan is an active member of Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) and Texas SER. He has given presentations on wetland and other restoration topics.

Chris Newton, Project Manager
Chris got his start in the field of ecological restoration with the Texas Conservation Corps in 2013. He joined ESC in 2014 and, with his wide-ranging skills, quickly became a Project Manager and Certified Pesticide Applicator.  Chris manages riparian restoration projects at multiple sites around Austin and trains new crew and foremen.  While juggling field work, he oversees all submittals and paperwork required for various clients.  Chris is a member of the Texas Society for Ecological Restoration and is always eager to further his knowledge of effective restoration techniques, central Texas botany, and healthy watershed function.

Kellan Fisher, Project Manager
Kellan began his career in ecological restoration as a crew leader with the Texas Conservation Corps in 2014 where he worked with the United States Forest Service, National Parks System, FEMA, and more. Kellan joined  ESC in 2016 and focuses on wet pond and raingarden installations and maintenance.  Kellan is involved at every step of the process of  ESC’s wet ponds work, from choosing appropriate plants to guiding clients through the estimation process.

Green Infrastructure & Restoration Crew
Our green storm water specialists install and maintain native plants, rain gardens, wet ponds, stabilize sink holes, restore park land, and control the spread of exotic species in the Austin area.  This important work improves water quality and reduces flooding.

Landscape Installation Crew
The Landscape Installation crew installs both small residential and large commercial projects, including native plants, simulated streams and springs, waterfalls, terraces, walkways, and naturalistic ponds. All projects use native plants and rock appropriate for each site for a natural look.

Maintenance Crew
The maintenance crew works on residential and commercial sites, as well as on our large ranch management projects. Their work includes weeding, shaping, supplemental planting and seeding.

Licensed Irrigator/Licensed Arborist – Troy Nixon

Landscape and Restoration Specialist – Molly Von Holten

Assistant Project Manager – Taylor Iberg

Project Manager/Ecologist – Sam Lutfy

Assistant Project Manager – Riley Wade

Business Administrator – Lesley Williamson

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Environmental Survey Consulting Certifications and Licenses

  • Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioners
  • NCTRCA Women-Owned Business Enterprise
  • Licensed Arborist
  • Licensed Irrigator
  • Licensed Herbicide Applicators
  • Certified S-212 Chainsaw Operators
  • City of Austin Grow Green Landscape Professionals
  • Certified Water Quality Monitors
  • OSHA Trained
  • City of Austin Women-Owned Business
  • State of Texas Historically Underutilized Business