Native Landscaping

ESC uses local native plant communities as a model for landscape designs and installations. After we analyze the environmental attributes of a site, we then create a list of appropriate plants to be used in our design.

It is important to understand environmental factors such as soil, moisture levels, sunlight, existing plants, and wildlife impacts on a site, as well as how these might change as a site is developed. With the client, decisions are made on such issues as whether to install an irrigation system, style preferences from more rustic to more formal, rockwork, budget, and functions such as shade for parking.

Diverse selections of species are planted in naturalistic arrangements that are attractive throughout the year. Although annuals are often planted to provide more color during the first year or two, the long term stability of the site depends on the right perennial flowers, shrubs, and trees. Informed maintenance is critical in both short term beauty and long term success, especially during the first two years.

  • Award-winning landscapes using a diversity of native wildflowers and grasses, including for pollinator species

  • Appropriate selection and placement of native species and topsoil for sustainable sites

  • Financial advantages due to low water and no fertilizer usage

  • Salvaging transplant material when possible


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Native Landscape with rockwork

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Private Residence, Westlake, Austin, TX

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December 3, 1996