Ranch and Preserve Management

ESC has a 30+ year history of restoration success with the award-winning Spicewood Ranch in Burnet County.  We are able to provide the same kind of ecological assessments and management recommendations for your property of any size by developing landscapes using a diversity of native wildflowers and grasses, including those for pollinator species.

We offer an initial consultation visit, in which we explore your property and learn the lay of the land and discuss the hopes and dreams you have in establishing a long-range restoration goals.  We can provide a verbal assessment or a more formal written report that details the observations and management strategies.

Reports typically detail:

  • Observed vegetation
  • Habitat descriptions
  • Problem areas
  • Areas in good condition
  • Potential seed sources and seeding recommendations
  • Deer impact
  • Water resources
  • Photographs

Long term planning and management may include:

  • Regular consultation visits and reports
  • Plant species surveys
  • Ecological surveys (habitat descriptions)
  • Plant reintroduction
  • Experimental plots
  • Brush management
  • Deer management recommendations
  • Erosion control
  • Trails
  • Soil mapping
  • Workshops
  • Prescribed burn facilitation
  • Photo points and photographs
  • Re-establishment of biodiversity in degraded large-scale landscapes

  • Revegetation with appropriate native species

  • Invasive and non-native species management

  • Assistance with wildlife exemption qualifications for tax purposes


Spicewood Ranch, Spicewood, TX

August 19, 2020