Green Infrastructure

Water quality is an important aspect of ESC’s wetland work.  Since 1992, ESC has designed and/or installed more than 100 wet ponds, rain gardens, and other stormwater quality projects, including many funded by the City of Austin.

ESC wetlands provide superior performance due to our best practices approach.  We use locally sourced native species whenever possible, as they are well adapted to our weather patters and soils.  Our ponds become fully vegetated, biologically stable ecosystems that filter pollutants and preserve the natural heritage of Texas wetland habitat.

ESC uses responsible biological controls to achieve a virtually mosquito-free system.  Strategic maintenance during the first year of pond establishment also assures that ecological balance and optimum pollution processing are achieved as early as possible.  ESC adheres to aesthetic design principles for commercial, civil, and private projects to assure that our ponds address no only water quality needs, but also serve as interesting and pleasing natural amenities.  Many of our ponds have become anchors in urban or neighborhood parks, as well as outdoor classrooms for students of all ages.

  • Site review and recommendations for erosion control design

  • Rain and infiltraion garden design and installation

  • Riparian Restoration

  • Bank Stabilization

  • Wildlife habitat restoration

  • Bottomland Restoration

  • Invasive and non-native plant management

  • Native plant installation and maintanance

  • Wetland and wet pond planting and management

  • Large-scale seeding with Truax no-till seed drill

  • Interpretive materials, signage and education


Central Park Pond, Austin, TX

December 3, 1996