Explore and Restore

Explore and Restore, a department of Environmental Survey Consulting (ESC), is an environmental education program that combines hands-on science and habitat restoration projects designed to empower students in the world of science, and to develop a sense of stewardship and commitment to protect our natural habitats.

ESC’s Explore and Restore can develop tailor-made programs for each client that addresses specific issues for each site.


Explore and Restore offers the following services:

  • Curriculum development: After assessing a client’s site and collaborating with stakeholders, a program will be developed combining specific aspects and needs of the site with curriculum for the identified age group.
  • Teacher training: After development of the program, teachers can be trained to either run the program on their own, or work in collaboration with Explore and Restore leaders.
  • Volunteer program: Working in collaboration with the client, Explore and Restore can train volunteers to become group leaders.
  • Experienced team leaders: The Explore and Restore Team can offer, on a limited basis, experienced group leaders to work with inexperienced volunteers until volunteers are confident to run the program on their own.
  • Site Development (like Blackshear)


  • Schools that want to enhance their science curriculum
  • Environmental organizations that want to develop educational programs for the community
  • Neighborhood organizations that want to create outreach programs for their greenbelts
  • Other groups that want an environmental education program for their site


ESC Explore and Restore can work through Power Your Mission to seek and obtain funding for programs.


Explore and Restore programs can be developed for:

  • School yards
  • Wildlife sanctuaries
  • Nature preserves
  • Other natural areas