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Urban Riparian Symposium

By Ecological Restoration, Environmental Education and Interpretation, Ponds and Streams, Water Quality

ESC will be well-represented at this year’s “Urban Riparian Symposium: Balancing the Challenges of Healthy Urban Streams,” being held in Houston, Texas, February 15-17 at Rice University.   Presentations include: David Mahler — Giant Ragweed (Ambrosia trifida): Why This Native Annual Becomes a Problem in Urban Riparian Corridors.” David will discuss his findings on why giant ragweed is not a problem at the Spicewood Ranch, but is a problem in urban…

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Alternatives To Turf Grass

By Native Landscaping

Given the challenges with the persistent drought and the concern about using too much water, many people are considering getting rid of their lawns.  ESC encourages people to reduce water usage in their landscapes.  (See our previous blog post regarding ideas for responsibly modifying an irrigation system.)    The issue of water is real, and it’s expected to become more pressing in the future.  While the latest rating by the…

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