ESC Leading Numerous Water Quality Projects in Austin’s Urban Core

Over the past three years Environmental Survey Consulting (ESC) has engaged in numerous projects along Lady Bird Lake and contributing creeks, all of which serve to stabilize vulnerable riparian slopes, catch and treat runoff from impervious cover, and slow down and dissipate storm flows to reduce flood severity. By using the principles of ecological restoration on these projects, ESC is able to return degraded land to viable wildlife habitat, especially for pollinators as well as local and migratory birds. These projects include:


  • Elephant ear removal and riparian restoration at the S. 1st St. bridge
  • Wildlife habitat creation and elephant ear removal at Blunn Creek Delta
  • Prairie and riparian restoration and slope stabilization at Shoal Creek Peninsula
  • Creek bottomland restoration below the new Central Library
  • Rain gardens at Gillis, Dottie Jordan, and Ricky Guerrero Parks
  • Infiltration and rain garden upgrades at Big Stacy Park
  • Water quality improvements at the Zilker Disc Golf Course
  • Reforestation and wetland plantings on East and West Bouldin Creeks and Poquito Creek
  • Daylighting a creek tributary and conducting wetland and upland restoration at Oak Springs


Each of these projects include a management component that allows for an adaptive approach to planting additional native species and significant reduction of exotic and invasive plant species.

ESC is proud to contribute to the wildlife, recreational, property, and ecological benefits of thoughtful approaches to water quality in Austin’s urban core.